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Volvo Aero Connecticut

We appreciate the professional analysis the staff at Utility Advocate conducted while auditing our utility accounts. Managing costs is vital to our company. The audit your company performed resulted in a significant refund to us and it also will be saving us a great deal of money going forward that will further help us to reduce our overhead costs. - $21,005.72 recovered

Dina Powers, VP Operational Support, Volvo Aero Connecticut

New Opportunities, Inc

Working with Utility Advocate has been a pleasure. Not only did they quickly turn around a significant amount of refunds for our company, they have corrected the problem going forward. It was nice and easy! - $23,419.29 Recovered

Wendy G. Gamba, Controller, New Opportunities, Inc

Schlotter Precision

I was very pleased with the little effort required on our part that it took in relation to the amount of refunds we received! I would recommend very highly the services Utility Advocate has provided for my company. - $$9,869.30 Recovered

Dean Wright V.P of Schlotter Precision

Large Manufacturer - Multiple States

$78,301.11 Recovered

Boys and Girls Club of Waterbury CT

$10,859.42 Recovered

Rhode Island Industrial Park

$23,115.89 Recovered

Large Pennsylvania Manufacturing Company

$87,586.72 Recovered

Maryland Mid-Sized Hospital

$18,424.36 Recovered

Maryland Large Church

$27,166.10 Recovered

Maryland Mid-Sized Church

$8,141.00 Recovered

Maryland Large-Sized Church

$32,351.91 Recovered

Colorado Small-Sized Church

$584.93 Recovered

Maryland Small Church

$5,030.00 Recovered

Deal Food Mart

New Jersey, Grocery Store

Annual Energy Savings of $4,048.92

Riverbank Volkswagen

Connecticut, New Car Dealership

Annual Energy Savings of $4,644.80

East Windsor Floor Covering

New Jersey, Flooring Company

Annual Energy Savings of $2,865.72

Delaware Professional Funeral Services

Delaware, Funeral Service Company

Annual Energy Savings of $1,641.60

Gold's Gym

New Jersey, Health Club

Annual Energy Savings of $1,373.65

Pennsylvania Fast Food Restuarant

Annual Merchant Service Savings of $2,495.16

Connecticut Liquor Store

Annual Merchant Service Savings of $3,274.51

Pennsylvania Small Hardware Store

Annual Merchant Service Savings of $1,376.10

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