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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Utility Bill Auditing, Utility Bill Refunds, and Others.

  • What is a utility bill audit?
    An audit encompasses an expert review of your electric, gas, water/sewer, steam, oil and/or telecommunications account(s) in order to locate refunds, credits and savings opportunities.
  • How much does an audit cost?
    Utility Advocate audits are performed on a contingency fee basis, so there are NO up-front costs or out-of-pocket expenses--Utility Advocate is paid ONLY when you receive a benefit. For companies with billings of $5 million or more, we also offer a fee-based option.
  • How much experience do you have? What makes Utility Advocate different from other audit firms?
    Utility Advocate was founded and maintains a professional staff of auditors, analysts, tax and rate experts who are all fully versed in the ins and outs of utility tariffs and rate options. This intellectual capital comes from years of industry experience and, when combined with our proprietary advanced information technology, enables you to receive incomparable audit services.
  • What utilities do you audit? Can I do only one utility?
    Utility Advocate's professionals audit electric, gas, water/sewer, steam, telecommunications, and merchant service accounts. You can audit one utility or all. Since we work on a contingency fee basis, you may want to take advantage of our utility bill auditing expertise for all your relevant utility accounts at the same time.
  • How much are you likely to find?
    No exact figure or percentage can be accurately provided to you prior to assessing your property and delving into analysis of your bills. However, as a rule we seek to recover 5% of your annual spend. Your results may be higher or lower, but that is an average targeted amount. Based on the type of property or organization, we can relay what we have done for similar properties in the past, just Pick our Brain.
  • Why can't I do an audit myself?
    Are you 100% positive your utility bills are correct? Are you on the right tariff? You cannot possibly know-or be expected to know-or research all the necessary utility rules, regulations, programs and tariffs or be responsible for intensive audits of all your accounts and still concentrate on the daily challenges of your job. For further details on why it makes sense to have Utility Advocate in your utility bill auditing corner, visit Why Utility Advocate.
  • Why hire Utility Advocate? I already had an audit and got back money; how are you going to help me?
    Several of our best clients had reviews prior to their Utility Advocate audit-and received significant utility bill refunds, credits, and future savings from our experts' efforts. We have also recovered funds after other auditor's deemed the bills/accounts correct! Utility Advocate's experts regularly find missed savings opportunities and identify new, innovative issues even after other auditing firms have reviewed accounts.
  • How long does it take to get results?
    Naturally, our professionals do their utmost to expedite matters as quickly as possible. Usually, Utility Advocate's team initially reviews accounts within 8 to 12 weeks. Factors include how quickly historical data can be obtained from a utility company, how quickly a claim is processed by a utility, whether we need to further research or litigate, and whether we need to take an issue before a Public Service Commission for resolution. Adjustments can usually be made by a utility anywhere between 2 days to 6 months - but may take up to several years if a case must go to the regulatory level.
  • What do I need to do to get started? Will it take a lot of effort on my part?
    Your involvement is minimal. You can simply engage Utility Advocate's services by signing an Auditing Agreement and executing the necessary Letter(s) of Authorization which enable us to contact the utility companies in your behalf. Provide us with a copy of your prior year's bills for each account you wish to have audited. Should bills be inaccessible, we can commence our audits with as little as one bill copy for each account or even with just the account numbers.

    Contact us for more enrollment information. We can send this via email, fax, or snail-mail. It will include information about our team and services plus an Auditing Agreement and any required Letters of Authorization.
  • Who can I contact with a question?
    Feel free to call us at 800-633-3114 or email us at A Utility Advocate Representative will be happy to assist you.

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