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Cost Reduction Consultants

Utility Advocate has developed a staff of cost reduction consultants that work to save money for our clients in their monthly fixed expenditures. Our staff of experts analyzes these expenditures and finds opportunities for cost reduction such as over-billing, unnecessary billing, incorrect rates/tariffs, accounting errors or redundancies and a variety of other cost saving opportunities.

Electric, Gas, Water, Telecom, Internet, Cable & Merchant Services, Utility Bill Auditing

Utility Advocate is a team of management consultants and auditors who specialize in utility cost reduction, cost containment, vendor service contract optimization, and utility bill and service auditing. In an economy where every penny counts, the Utility Advocate team of experts is saving money for businesses across the nation by providing cost-saving recommendations based on electric, gas, water, sewer, telecom, internet, cable and other monthly expenses. We also continue to monitor your bills for the life of your contract. Our team of consultants and auditors handles everything, subject to your approval! If Utility Advocate cannot save your business money, there is no fee! That is why we say, “It saves to use Utility Advocate!”

No Up-front Costs; No Up-front Fees

Our contingency-fee services offer businesses a risk-free opportunity to save money by reducing their monthly operational costs. We find cost-saving opportunities and negotiate for our clients to ensure they get the best rates on their business services. Utility Advocate works to save our clients money in two ways: recovery of overcharges and reduction of future operating expenses. Contact us for a free, no-risk analysis of your utility bills.

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Let our team of seasoned cost reduction consultants give your business a personalized utility audit and help your company save!


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